What is a mid-range phone? why mid-range phones are exploding the market?

 Mid-range phones, as their names convey, are the phones that have the average specifications. These are phones that are mid-priced; found neither at the premium end of the market nor in the budget ranges. They derive some things from the flagships and some from budget phones.

The primary objective of these smart phones has become to pack all the main features people need into the lowest possible price. Sometimes it offers an experience which is not just close but often indistinguishable from the flagship.

We’re defining a mid-range phone as one that costs between ($100/ £ 90 / INR 9000) and around ($500/ £500 / INR 4000).

These mid-range phones will have some noticeable compromises, but it is very possible that you will find a mid-range phone that is not just a better deal for your money but a better device for you overall.

For the vast majority of people the small phone only exist as a portal for applications, the ability to watch a Netflix show, listen to music or just flick through Instagram or Facebook. These users will get nothing from 20 core CPU or 200 MP hexa camera set up.

Which were the best-selling smart phones of early 2020?

Do you know? The best selling smartphones of early 2020 were not Samsung’s or Apples’ flagship but the mid-range phones. The number one spot was taken by $100 Samsung Galaxy A10 (with 13,400,000,000 sales), second spot was taken by another mid-range phones, Samsung Galaxy a50 (with 12,000,000,000 sales) and 3rd spot was taken by Xiomi RedMi 6A (with 10,000,000,000 sales) and in the entire range of best-selling smart phone, there wasn’t a single flag ship phone.

The mid-range category has exploded in recent years. The best-selling phones are consistently mid ranges. In conclusion, one can grab a super stylish phone with double or triple camera set up with a fairly good speed and performance without being heavy on your wallet.

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