Top 10 Cheapest Countries in the World

If you think travel is expensive, this post is for You… Although our planet houses one of the expensive travel destinations like Norway, Switzerland, U.K etc., it also homes cheap to travel countries like most of Asia and South America. As much as you will enjoy visiting the expensive countries, you will find cheaper ones […]

Al Khafji : Lesser known Beautiful part of Saudi Arabia

Al Khafji or Ras Al khafji is a strategically located town in Saudi Arabia which shares borders with the state of Kuwait and has in it operating, the Saudi oil-producing Gaint Saudi Aramco together in a joint venture with Kuwait oil company Christened KJO – Al Khafji Joint Operations. In addition to its strategic importance, […]

10 Hill Stations of South India to Visit on Summer Vacations

Study nature, love nature & stay close to nature! Summer is on its way: South India, the charming part of the country, filled with amazing natural wonders and rich natural beauty. List of South Indian Hill Stations: 1. Munnar – Coolest Hill Station Of Kerala: Munnar, a beautiful hill-station of South India which is also […]

Top 5 reasons to visit/work in Qatar

Even though Qatar is tiny, there’s still plenty to see and do which is why it is important to plan ahead before you head to this fantastic little ambitious country in the middle east. While Qatar origins have its roots in slavery, it has evolved from being the poorest country to the richest country in […]