Top 10 Cheapest Countries in the World

If you think travel is expensive, this post is for You…

Although our planet houses one of the expensive travel destinations like Norway, Switzerland, U.K etc., it also homes cheap to travel countries like most of Asia and South America. As much as you will enjoy visiting the expensive countries, you will find cheaper ones to be more enjoyable.

Here is my self-declared list of the top 10 cheapest countries to travel in the world.

1. Thailand

Thailand is the country of smiles, beaches, incredible food, amazing nature, jungles, mountains, temples and many more. It is the best “value for money” country and one of the most affordable places on the planet to travel. You can easily spend your day with 20 to 30 dollars, especially in low seasons because the prices drop significantly. You can actually grab private moderately luxurious cabanas, close to the beaches for around 10 to 40 dollars. Street foods like pad thai or curry rice will cost around 1 to 2 dollars.

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is the street food heaven. A large number of roadside snacks in the city will blow away your mind. While visiting Thailand’s vibrant capital, eating from a sidewalk pushcart is an absolute MUST. And it’s so insanely cheap that it will leave you scratching if it’s actually true.

2. Vietnam

Vietnam is not only one of the best all-around countries in terms of nature, food and lifestyle… It’s also the cheapest in South East Asia. Ho Chi Minh City is the real hot bed with cheap rent, fast internet, great food and much more. It is a designated tourism jewel of Vietnam with several world heritage sites. There are so many undiscovered gems here, you can just rent a motorbike and drive across the entire country and have the trip of lifetime.

From the rice fields to the mountains to the beaches, Vietnam offers it all at an affordable price. You can live here on a tourist visa more easily and cheaply than in Thailand.

3. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country you’ve definitely heard of before but probably know nothing about. It is the heart of central Asia and the silk road. It has recorded history dating back to the 5th century BC with amazing blue-tiled architecture and a friendly bunch of people. But above all, Uzbekistan is one of the cheapest countries in the world.

Food in local markets is very cheap, inexpensive hostels can be found in almost every major Uzbek cities such as TashkentBukhara or even Khiva. You can easily spend your week at just $150. But aside from being super affordable, Uzbekistan deserves further recognition for its beauty and history. You will not get enough of the blue-tiled domes, mosques and mausoleums. Add Uzbekistan to your bucket list for an experience of a life time.

4. Bolivia

Bolivia is the heart of South America, where you will find spectacular towering mountains ranges, indigenous culture, amazing lakes and awe-inspiring natural beauty. Bolivia offers travelers amazing adventure, fascinating cultural experiences, breathtaking scenery at every turn. Bolivia offers all sorts of stunning environment to explore and experience.

It offers the best value for money. Tourist need not worry about high budgets. A trip to Bolivia for two people for one-week costs on average $320. You can eat well, sleep comfortably, purchase souvenirs and still not run out of cash.

5. Ukraine

Ukraine the cheapest country in Europe and Kiev is the cheapest major city where you can live like a king with just a few dollars a day. It is definitely a very affordable and good place for budget backpacking. A sizzling bowl of borscht soup will cost you around $3, you can find the cheapest hostels to get a comfortable sleep at around $4/night.

Ukraine offers you amazing nature with deep lakes and dense forest. You can also experience marvel ancient architecture with dozens of splendid castles and hundreds of historical monuments.

6. Pakistan

This lovely country in Asia has the friendliest people, unreal mountains, beautiful valleys, dazzlingly white glaciers, unbelievable landscapes and certainly, won’t break your bank account. This county is the ultimate heaven for food lovers. No cuisine in the first world tastes as good. Biryanis, Kebabs, Nihari, Kabuli Pulao, Haleem, Paaya are a must-try which is loaded with pure ghee and are unbelievably tasty. You can spend a week like a king in Pakistan at around $160.

The hospitality in Pakistan is so amazing, you will be surprised at how locals go out of their way to welcome their guest. If you visit Pakistan, you will surely come back with reports of how friendly and helpful the locals are.

7. Philippines

The Philippines has all the reasons to become your favourite country to travel. It has some beautiful and surreal landscapes, the bluest of waters with around 7000 islands, and most importantly, its very affordable. You can grab a coconut for $0.30, a Jeepney ride for $0.07, a decent meal for less than $5, a beachfront bungalow starting at $30 or a domestic flight just for $20 which is a great value.

Filipinos are known to be hospitable and friendly with the kind faces and happy smiles. There is no language barrier as 90% of Filipinos speaks English which makes communication very easy. The best time to visit the Philippines is between November and May.

8. Romania

The hidden gem of Eastern Europe, Romania is one of those places where you shouldn’t have a plan and just go with the flow, as it is a country full of surprises. Romania is filled with welcoming locals, glorious natural wonders, astonishing landscapes and so many natural beauties. The medieval cities, castles, churches around Transylvania are stunning. The smaller quaint cities such as Brasov and Timisoara are absolutely gorgeous.

You can also find the delicious food everywhere, most meals will cost you no more than $5. You can find the accommodation in hostel for around $15 while double room in mid-range hotel can cost you $35. In short, Romania is suited to all budgets and is an ideal holiday destination.

9. Kyrgyzstan

Did you know that 94% of Kyrgyzstan is covered by mountains? Its a nature lover paradise and very affordable. It has one of the most fascinating cultures and natural landscapes. The view on Kyrgyzstan’s silk road is epic as they are located high as 3000 Mts above sea level. You can find clean and uncrowded roads with the lowest crime rate. There are no tourist traps and the cost of souvenir don’t change as per tourist. Its wide-ranging climate can reach 43 C in summer and -30 C in winters.

Kyrgyzstan is an exciting destination which will definitely leave you fascinated. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to visit this amazing country and experience the unique culture with your own eyes.

10. Georgia

This beautiful European country is located high in the Caucasus mountains between Turkey, Russia and the Black sea. Snowy mountain tops, luscious nature and amazing hospitality make this country worth visiting. Georgia’s capital is charmingly chaotic with leafy boulevards, cobblestone streets, outdoor cafes, city squares and small cars all around.

Depending upon your travel style preference, accommodation prices can be incredibly affordable or on the pricier side. A bed in the hostel can be found around $5 or an extreme luxury, 7-star hotel such as Paragraph can be found for $100/day. One of the most popular options for budget travellers is a guest house which offers private rooms and is a great option for traveller which can be found for $15- $20 per night

What do you guys think is the cheapest country in the world? Lets get the discussion started.


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