The most expensive food(delicacy) in the world

If someone asks you to name the most expensive foods in the world, you might think of saffron, oyster or ice cream topped with 24k gold flakes. But there is a delicacy which will wipe your bank account in no time. 1 , 2 & 3. It’s Caviar.

Black Caviar with cheese and bread
Black Caviar with cheese and bread


Caviar is the food that’s totally associated with pure luxury. Caviar is the dark slimy unfertilized roe (eggs) of wild beluga sturgeon fish in Caspian sea, which is certified food of choice for the rich and famous. And their single ounce can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The majority of the world population have never even tried Caviar.

Sturgeon fish
Beluga Sturgeon fish (Credits: Wikipedia)

There are about 10 species of sturgeon including Beluga sturgeon, which produces the most expensive Caviar in the world. These sturgeon measures 6- 20 feet long and weighing up to 60 KG.

How expensive is Caviar

The Caspian Sea, Russian Beluga Caviar can cost up to $55 – $350 per ounce and $35,000 per KG. Almas white beluga cost about $25,000 per KG. Costs can vary by numerous digits depending Grade you are buying and who you’re buying from.


According to the Guinness World Records, the most expensive caviar in the world comes from the Iranian Beluga, sometimes referred to as Black Gold. A single ounce costs $17,000.

Why is Caviar so expensive

Sturgeon fish
  • It is in relatively scarce supply and only a small population of sturgeon produces it. Sturgeon takes between 8 – 20 years to produce eggs which is a lot of time to wait around, continually feeding a fish. It is obtained from a slow-growing and slow reproducing fish.
  • Beluga sturgeon are considered an endangered species and is only produced in a few places on earth, so there are laws in various places forbidding its export or import.

How does Caviar taste like?

Caviar with egg
  • Caviar has a unique taste and special texture as you eat it. It’s very decadent, incredibly nutty and extremely creamy. The eggs pop gently in your mouth bursting with flavors. The individual pearls exploding in your mouth is absolutely delicious which leaves an extraordinary feel on your tongue.
  • It’s believed that fuller, rounder and lighter-colored eggs have the highest quality and best taste.

Caviar remains a benchmark of luxury and I think the magnificent Caviar is worth trying at least once in a lifetime.

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