Couple |Quarantine Together | Work Together | Stay Together

To all the couples out there who have to learn how to work from home together, we need to remember to make time for ourselves and think, think deeply! Schedule a daily block of 15 minutes downtime to refresh your brain or pause for thought. It can be anything from meditation to a nap, aContinue reading “Couple |Quarantine Together | Work Together | Stay Together”

Coronavirus update: Is staying at home enough to stay safe?

Coronavirus needs no introduction. It is a household word. All around the world Governments, Healthcare workers, celebrities and every other person is requesting people to stay home. When at home, you surely are going to have groceries, foods and daily essential items delivered to your home, which may have been in contact with the virus. How to disinfect the objects off coronavirus? how long does the virus stay on different objects?

How To Lose Weight While Being Quarantined At Home

Being quarantined at home is a golden chance to keep a track of your habits. Though being quarantined is the perfect way to protect yourself from contracting the Corona Virus but being at home the whole day often leads to unhealthy eating which further leads to weight gain especially when there is no activity. Staying at homeContinue reading “How To Lose Weight While Being Quarantined At Home”

Self Qarantine (Coronavirus) :Who Should Do It and How To Do It

Covid-19 is spreading by the day and it has engulfed the whole world. WHO has already declared it as a pandemic, exponentially increasing, especially in some parts of the world like Spain and Italy, while other parts are not immune either. who should do it? How to do it? how to prepare for coronovirus if you have symptoms? what to do while at home self quarantined?

Does this sanitizer kill coronavirus? Bath and Body works santizer review

Sanitizers have metamorphosized into an essential product in our daily life, courtesy coronavirus! Alcohol is the main ingredient is most sanitizers because Alcohol is effective at killing different types of microbes, including both viruses and bacteria. At a concentration above 60 percent, Alcohol is effective at killing bacteris and viruses including coronavirus. That doesn’t mean higher the better, Note that a high amount of alcohol content might dry your skin very quickly causing it to be irritated. Broken skin can be more vulnerable to the virus.