Self Qarantine (Coronavirus) :Who Should Do It and How To Do It

Covid-19 is spreading by the day and it has engulfed the whole world. WHO has already declared it as a pandemic, exponentially increasing, especially in some parts of the world like Spain and Italy, while other parts are not immune either.

Staying indoor and cutting contact with rest of the world. This is known as Self- Quarantining.

Who should do it?

  • If one amongst you in your family has been identified as covid 19 positive or starts showing Coronavirus symptoms, then it is imperative that all the family members stay home for 14 days.
  • If you have high or medium risk of exposure to Covid-19
  • If you have travelled to countries with cases of Coronavirus.

How to do it?

  • The person should isolate himself in a room away from other family members and pets.
  • Ask help for grocery shopping and medication, which can be dropped at your doorsteps by delivery man, neighbours or friends.
  • Wear a mask and keep at least 6ft distance from people, if you go outside to exercise in your lawn or terrace.

How to prepare for coronavirus if you have no symptoms?

Avoid contact with other people. Stay Home! unless it’s extremely necessary to go out. If you are still hanging out with your friends, planning trips, parties and acting like it can’t get to you, see the number of cases increasing day by day.

Each individual is responsible and should act to stop the virus. The problem isn’t going to solve itself if you keep ignoring it.

Social distancing is something we should all be doing at this time, Keeping yourself and others safe during this outbreak.

What to do while at home self-qarantined?

Amidst the huge stressful coronavirus updates on social media, take a break and relax. Once you are home, you are keeping yourself safe and others too. Here are few and things you can do at home to stay occupied.

Play Games

The whole family is home and its the best time to pull out all the Indoor games like MONOPOLY, LUDO, CARDS, CHESS, ABALONE, BINGO, JENGA or solve PUZZLES together. Board games make the house so lively and fun when everyone’s sitting and interacting with each other. If you are alone at home, send an online invitation to friends/family to join the game, make a conference call and you will surely have a lot of fun.

Find Your Hobby

Hobbies make you a better person, doing something out of work gives you pleasure and relaxation. May it be cooking, reading, writing, painting, Gardening, decorating, stitching, designing or weight training, Embrace your hobby and reclaim your interests. You can also find new hobbies by learning something new. Write down your interests and start.


Cooking/Baking helps built closer relationships as a family. It is fun and highly rewarding. As a family activity, it’s a character-building, entertaining, and skillful practice. Put away your phone/tv and have fun making tasty food. This dedicated time in the kitchen gives you a chance to build pleasant family memories.

Eat Together

Eating together as a family helps strengthen the bond and gives everyone a chance to talk about their day and learn more about each other. Do include food that will help to boost your immunity in your diet.


Massaging your body with oil, increases blood circulation, helps relaxation and reduces stress. Do your nails, put on a mask and just take care of yourself, trust me! It will feel good.


Staying at home is going cut down a lot of your daily routine activities. It’s the right time to start working out, it will keep you fresh and fit. If are looking forward to cutting down weight, then check out our post on “How you can lose weight while being quarantined at home”.

Phone your friends/family

Numerous times we remember our friends and family but don’t get time to call and talk to them. Take this as a chance to reconnect. Sharing your thoughts and talking to loved ones brings great joy.

Pray To God and Repent

The whole world is going through a pandemic and we are all responsible for it. Every nation afflicted by calamities in the past were a punishment from God. Repent and Return to your Lord, Ask for his mercy. These are verses from chapter Az-Zumar from Quran.

Say, “O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah . Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful.”

[39:53] Quran

And return [in repentance] to your Lord and submit to Him before the punishment comes upon you; then you will not be helped.

[39:54] Quran

Let us all hope and pray that this ends soon. Hope these tips help you to get through the coronavirus pandemic.


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