Samsung Galaxy Z flip review

Smartphones basically looked identical in the past few years. A traditional big glass slab on the front with a couple of hardware buttons for power and volume. Samsung has been leading the way with bringing the top-quality folding displays in the market. The Samsung galaxy Z flip is their take on how a modern touch screen smartphone can be combined into exemplary foldable form.

Samsung Galaxy Z flip review

Z Flip Key Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Z flip specifications


Samsung Galaxy Z flip is Samsung’s second-generation foldable smartphone. Samsung says, this is the statement smartphone that demands attention and it is for people who want to “stand out”.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

I would have to agree the ability to fold the phone in half is absolutely magnificent. We can now have a full-sized phone and compact design that takes up half the space and you can make it sit like a laptop, WOW!! It has been tested for 200,000 folds for every day for the next 3 years.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z flip review

The tiny front display shows the time, date, battery and also enables you to receive calls, which is very handy. But you will need to open the phone to truly see what’s going on inside.

The overall design of the phone is curvy and it looks wacky. On the upper right half corner is the volume rocker and power key which doubles as a fingerprint scanner. There is a nano sim slot on the upper left of the phone. The bottom half of the phone has a speaker and USB-C port with no headphone jack. You might find it a little difficult to open the phone with one hand without risking $1389 phone.


Samsung Galaxy Z flip review
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Dispaly

The display is not as bright as other galaxy phones but it did reach a respectable 596 nits in bright lighting conditions. You can definitely feel the crease when you run the fingers on the screen but it not very noticeable while actually using the phone. The display is significantly prone to scratches compared to actual glass but there is no gap between the screens when you fold it up.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review

Z Flip comes with good but not outstanding “HD plus 60 hertz AMOLED” screen but it’s large enough to properly enjoy the content.


The Z Flip’s camera set up is not as ambitious as what we have seen on the latest Galaxy flagships. It has essentially the Galaxy S10 camera with actually the omission of the telephoto lens. The camera doesn’t support 8k video recording and 108 MP photos as in Galaxy S20.

Samsung Galaxy Z flip review
Samsung Galaxy Z flip camera

The microdisplay on the phone can be used to take photos. It has got the wrong aspect ratio to fit the whole image in but it’s enough to be able to roughly click a picture. You can take the selfies using the high-quality rear camera of the phone which is a big plus point.

Battery and Storage

Samsung Galaxy Z flip review
Fold the Phone for wireless charging

Z Flip is limited to 256 GB of non-expandable storage and 8 GB of RAM and just 3300 mAp battery capacity which is fine but not great for $1389 phone standards. However, it features wireless charging with 15-watt fast charging and the battery is still good for one long day of use.


Z Flip uses last year’s Snapdragon 855+ chipset which is fast but it is around 15% behind Galaxy S20 phone. It doesn’t support 5G which might turn out to be a deal-breaker for people who don’t want to change the phone for another 2 years

In conclusion, Samsung’s most futuristic-looking smartphone is actually a generation behind in terms of capability. Slightly less good at every everything (design being the exception) and still on expensive side. This phone isn’t a fit for techie’s because of its specs and it isn’t a choice for casual users because of its price but it’s definitely the best foldable smartphone in the market and I think that’s what matter’s for the company.

Let us know if you would consider dropping $1389 for a WOW factor Z Flip phone.


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