No bake Energy balls (Dates & Nuts Maladu)

This is a healthy no bake energy ball made with dates, roasted bengal gram, walnut, rasins and honey. No sugar & No ghee - Making it best for weight loss
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Maladu is a sweet snack made with roasted Bengal gram. This recipe is a healthier version of Maladu made with dates & nuts, raisins and of course roasted Bengal gram. Yes! NO sugar and NO ghee. These no bake energy balls are tasty, healthy and super easy to make.

This is a great snack option if you are craving for sweet snack but are on a diet and watching you weight. Walnut is used to support weight control and this recipe can sneak that into your diet. In my family, no one likes eating raw walnut due to its smell. This recipe, when made with cinnamon can totally make it unnoticeable.

These energy balls are filling because it uses dates and will help you avoid eating unhealthy snacks. This recipe uses all healthy ingredients, from dates to honey and no source of saturated fat. It also works for paleo diet.

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My bother and husband were very impressed with this recipe because It is so delicious! yet healthy. Moreover, It is great for people watching their cholesterol and triglycerides.

I am extra happy to make this because It doesn’t take much time and all you need is a bowl and a grinder to make this no bake energy balls. Above all, Less mess to clean.

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Are energy balls good for you?

Energy balls are the best snack you can think of if you are trying to eat healthy. It is packed with proteins, nutrients, fibers and healthy fats. The Best on to go snack, you can think of.

When should you eat energy balls?

You can eat energy balls for tea in the evening. Eat it before hitting the gym, to provide you with energy for the workout. You can also have it after workout to restore your body. It’s packed with proteins, making it a healthy snack for weight loss as well as for a healthy lifestyle.

Do energy balls need to be refrigerated?

Energy balls need not be refrigerated for up to 1 week. You can keep it at room temperature ( 21- 28 degree C) and should be good to eat. Refrigerate the balls if you made a large batch, It can stay good for about 2 weeks. To store the balls for a month, you can freeze for an hour and then transfer to zip lock bag and freeze for up to a month.

Difference between Roasted split Bengal gram and split Bengal gram?

Roasted split Bengal gram can be eaten raw, it can also be broken with your nails. It’s usually found in mixture snacks. Split Bengal gram is hard and should be boiled before using in recipes. It cannot be eaten raw since It is hard and feels like lentils.

Step by step Instructions with photos

1.Roast Bengal gram for a minute on low flame, grind and set aside in a bowl. Roasted Bengal gram grinds quickly within a minute. (Roasting the already roasted Bengal gram gives it a slight aroma and tastes better)

Note: There are 2 types of Bengal gram, roasted and non roasted. Use Roasted Split Bengal gram.

2. Grind walnut and add dates little at a time and grind on pulse. (In a food processer, you can keep adding little at a time while the jar is running.)

3. Add this mixture to the ground Bengal gram powder.

4. Mix well along with prunes, honey and cinnamom/cardamom and make them into balls. No bake Energy balls ready in no time!

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Total Time 10 mins Servings: 10 Calories: 110 kcal Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Delicious and healthy no bake energy balls that can be made in no time.



    1. Roast Bengal gram for a minute on low flame, grind and set aside in a bowl.
    2. Grind walnut and add dates little at a time and grind on pulse.
    3. Add this mixture to the ground Bengal gram powder and mix.
    4. Add honey, prunes, cinnamon/ cardamom  and make them into balls.
    You can substitute walnuts with almond or other nuts of your choice. If you are vegan you can skip honey and add some more dates to increase the sweetness of the energy balls.
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