Ramadan special series recipe 21 – Chicken Spring Roll

Chicken spring rolls is one of the popular Iftar special snack in Malabar. Similar to Chinese chicken spring rolls, this role is small enough to enjoy in 4 bites. Only the filling for these spring rolls are made with Indian spices. It was my favourite iftar snack. Hope you all enjoy having this yummy and crispy snack!


  • Boneless chicken – 250 gm
  • Chilli powder – 1 tbsp
  • Coriander powder – 1/2 tbsp
  • Turmeric powder – 1/4 tbsp
  • Maida/flour – 2 cups
  • Egg – 4
  • Onion Chopped – 1
  • Ginger & Garlic paste – 1
  • Green chilies crushed – 2
  • Garam masala: 1 tsp
  • Pepper powder – 1/2 tbsp
  • Coriander leaves: 1 small bowl
  • Salt as required
  • Breadcrumbs as needed


  1. In a pan add the chicken(cut into cubes), chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, salt and little water. Cover the lid and cook the chicken about 20 – 25 min. Shred the chicken when it is completely cooled. Keep it aside.
  2. Heat a pan with oil and once it is heated add ginger & garlic paste, chopped onion. Wait till it is gloden brown. Now add greenchillies crushed, garam masala, pepper powder and salt as required. Saute well.
  3. Add the shreded chicken pieces to the same pan. Mix well and saute for 5 minutes. Once everthing is dry, switch off the flame and add chopped coriander leaves. Filling is ready.
  4. In a bowl mix maida/all purpose flour with 2 eggs and salt as required. Add enough water slowly to make it into a free flowing batter.
  5. Heat tawa in a low flame and pour some batter and spread into a thin pancake. Make sure it is just cooked. Repeat the same with the rest of the batter.
  6. Place each pancake on a work surface and put the filling towards side and roll it foldling the sides in half way through. Repeat the same with the rest of the pancakes.
  7. Dip each roll in beaten eggs and roll it in breadcrumbs. Deep fry in hot oil
  8. Serve hot chicken spring roll and enjoy having this yummy special iftar snack.

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