Honor 9X Pro Review

Honor 9x pro seems like a definition of a solid midrange phone. It is a decently powerful smartphone with Kirin 810 processor with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes storage, it also has a triple rear camera. Honor 9X Pro is one of the few, phones in the international markets with no Google services like google play, instead you get Huawei app gallery and third party stores like amazon app stores from which you can download apps. Not ideal if you are a bit of a google fan if you use Google services like google calendar or Gmail etc. Thankfully, there are a lot of third-party options that you can use as alternatives.

Honor 9X pro Specification

Honor 9X Pro specification
Honor 9X pro specification
Honor 9X Pro design


The Honor 9x pro has an elegant design at the front and back with an aluminium frame, there’s a slight curve at the back that makes it easier to hold despite its size. An edge-mounted fingerprint sensor on the right side highlights an impressively responsive unlocking. Phantom purple on a 9x pro is gorgeously perfect and stunning, you can pick up this phone on a couple of different hues as well. when it catches the light you can see a beautiful X pattern beneath the surface. If not a fan, it comes with plain old standard black as well. It comes with type c USB port and has also got a headphone jack at the bottom.

Honor 9X Pro


Honor 9x pro has a massive display that’s free of cutout or notches, looks pretty nice for content consumption. Phone’s lower-resolution LCD display isn’t spectacular but it is bright enough to be used in direct sunlight and the bezels around the display are fairly thick but that’s a fair trade-off for not having any unsightly cutout or notches.

Honor 9X Pro camera


Honor 9x pro uses a pop-up mechanism 16-megapixel selfie camera which allows for a 6.59 edge to edge display with no interruptions for a hole punch or even a cutout for the selfie camera. It’s built with drop detection, which retracts the camera if it detects that it’s dropped. There’s a triple-lens rear camera system with high-end 48-megapixel primary lens. The 8-megapixel camera with wide-angle lens manages to capture pretty stunning shots as well. The third camera is a 2MP depth Assist camera. The default shooting mode is set to pixel binning which actually turns out pretty good. Includes nice smart camera features with Colors usually accurate with white balance being on point.

Honor 9X Pro

Battery and storage

Honor 9x pro has a pretty stellar battery performance where it’s got 4000 milliampere cells stuffed inside to easily see you through a very intense day. No worries of storage, because it has got 256 gigs, which is pretty rare at a budget blow price point along with MicroSD expandability too.

Honor 9X Pro for gaming


Honor 9x pro really impresses with its performance side of things, it’s got Huawei’s kirin 810 chipset (liquid coolant for all your gaming needs) stacked inside 7-nanometer platform, actually sports a neural processing unit, which is pretty unheard of at this price point with nice swift performance. As far as gaming goes, you can expect super silky-smooth performance. its has got six gigs of ram stuffed inside. Overall Honor 9x pro has a very clever hardware, especially for a budget-friendly phone.

The fact that it doesn’t not support google service can be its biggest weaknesses but if you live in a region where Google services are not used as much or there are good alternatives, perhaps you won’t mind.

Honor 9X Pro price

Honor 9X Pro is one of the best mid-range smartphone costing around 250 euros, Rs. 22,000 in India. Click here to buy Honor 9X Pro.

All in all, Honor 9X Pro is a pretty powerful and most importantly power-efficient, if you get a graphic intensive game installed on this phone you’ll notice no difference on this device as compared to the flagship smartphone costing $1000 or more and 8 gigabytes of RAM is more than enough to keep even heavy multitaskers happy.


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