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To all the couples out there who have to learn how to work from home together, we need to remember to make time for ourselves and think, think deeply!

Schedule a daily block of 15 minutes downtime to refresh your brain or pause for thought. It can be anything from meditation to a nap, a walk, or simply turning off notifications for thought.

Some quick notes to follow in the current situation:

1. Develop Routine Together:

When you work from home, building a routine together is really important. Follow the same routine when working from home as you do while going to the office. for eg: waking up, taking shower, getting dressed, having breakfast and get into work.

2. Communicate Each Other:

Like many of you, this is a moving train everyday, sometimes hourly and by the minute. Communication is the key with your spouse. Keep stopping each 30 minutes to say “can we have a quick meeting?” to chat about what the next part of the day looks like.

Over communicating seems to be really important right now. Sit down and ask if they are free to chat before just walking into the room to start a conversation, say what went well today, what do we need to do differently tomorrow, how can I shine for you tomorrow. Practice asking directly for what you need. 

3. Establish Expectations & Boundaries:

To avoid conflict, couples should work on establishing boundaries and expectations. Who is going to start with work first? How will you know when not to disrupt each other? What are the important deadlines you are currently working on? Couples need to set boundaries, and set hours of the day for a no-disturbance zone from this logging time to log out time”.

Have a clear conversation about what their needs and expectations are when you work from home. Having an unmet expectation doesn’t mean you were wrong, it just means that it’s time to check in with your partner.

4. Spend Time With Kids:

Since they establish a sense of connection and safety for parents and children, Security — is a huge piece of what you can give your kids right now. Make kids happy by helping them in craft making or funny game activities.

5. Create Memory:

Starting at 6pm, both of you stop working and spend time for watching family-friendly movies together or Play a board game together and take a turn having dinner together. As you stay together now, use this time to build a connection and create memories.

Be GRATEFUL you have a job that allows you both to work from home.

Prayers and thoughts for any of you who are not able to work from home at this time…stay strong and be positive💪.

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