Ramadan Special Series Recipe 30 – Mango Mousse

Last day of ramadan had come. Hope you all enjoyed with delicious recipe so far. Today I have a simple and amazing recipe of mango mousse which looks bright and beautiful on your iftar table. I love fruit based desserts specially on iftar time which gives a fresh breath. Try mango mousse recipe on yourContinue reading “Ramadan Special Series Recipe 30 – Mango Mousse”

Ramadan Special Series Recipe 27 – Malabar Erachi Ada

Erachi Ada is a snack usually served during Ifthars. Erachi ada is a half moon shaped fried dough filled with chicken or beef masala. Try this very tasty and easy snack on your iftar table. Ingredients: Rice flour – 1 cup Chicken – 200gms Curry leaves – 5 / 6 Ginger Garlic Paste – 1 tbsp OnionContinue reading “Ramadan Special Series Recipe 27 – Malabar Erachi Ada”

Ramadan Special Series Recipe 25 – Chicken Cheese Cutlet | Indian

These chicken cheese cultlets are huge and are absolutly amazing. A great aapitizer to add into your menu. It is the king of cutlets, the creamy cheese, chicken and potato. we are sure it will win your family’s heart at the iftar table and are happy to add it in our ramadan recipe series.

Ramadan Special Series Recipe 24 – Chicken Croquettes

What to do with leftover chicken? Make these small sized delicious croquettes filled with creamy chicken! These chicken croquettes are crispy on outside and creamy and flavorful on inside. Follow the recipe below and try this yummy and tasty croquettes as your iftar dish. Ingredients: 3 tbsp Butter – 3 tbsp Ginger & garlic paste –Continue reading “Ramadan Special Series Recipe 24 – Chicken Croquettes”

Ramadan special series recipe 21 – Chicken Spring Roll

Chicken spring rolls is one of the popular Iftar special snack in Malabar. Similar to Chinese chicken spring rolls, this role is small enough to enjoy in 4 bites. Only the filling for these spring rolls are made with Indian spices. It was my favourite iftar snack. Hope you all enjoy having this yummy and crispy snack! INGREDIENTS: BonelessContinue reading “Ramadan special series recipe 21 – Chicken Spring Roll”