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11 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Facial Hair For Women

Facial hair can be a dampener or a confidence buster for many women. Everyone has facial hair, which is completely normal but if your facial hair is personally bothering you, there are many ways to get rid of facial hair without much hustle. Stay tuned if you are Looking forward to finding “the best ways to remove facial hair”.

We examine our faces so close that we often find a lot of unwanted hair on our face that we want to get rid of. Especially, the upper lip, chin and other areas including sprouts between our eyebrows, sideburns and cheeks.

You might get lured by the new gadgets and trends around facial hair removal but if you find your facial hair to be blonde or barely noticeable, it’s best to leave it untouched.

Ever wonder what are the causes of excessive or unwanted facial hair?

It’s important to know the cause of the facial hair growth to effectively tackle the solution. It can be much easier and can provide permanent solutions for few.


Hormonal changes can occur during puberty, menstrual cycles, stress and pregnancy. Also, as women age, the estrogen levels decrease causing hair growth. All women produce some testosterone (male hormone), higher levels than normal can affect your menstrual cycles and produce excess facial hair and body hair. Consult a doctor if you have an irregular menstrual cycle and excessive hair growth.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

PCOS is a common condition which causes cysts to grow around the edges of the ovaries. Most common symptoms are excessive facial and body hair, excess weight, acne and irregular periods. PCOS can be treated with medication, diet and exercise.

Overweight or Obesity

Obesity affects certain hormones that all play a role in facial hair development. Embarking on a weight loss program can alter the way body produces and processes hormones.


Some qualities tend to run in the family. Your gene plays a role in facial hair growth and this can be the reason for the facial hair growth.

Do not worry! There are many ways to deal with facial hair and here we have summed up a few tips, tricks and techniques that will help you.

How to bleach facial hair

Bleaching is the best way to hide your facial hair without having to actually remove it. Lightening the hair will make it look like you don’t have it. It is painless and you have no worries of growing thicker and pricky hair. Bleaching works best for upper lip hair, sideburns and for sprouts between your eyebrows. Bleaching effects can last up to a month.

Plucking eyebrows is not allowed in Islam, hence bleaching is used in Saudi Arabian beauty salons as a halal method of shaping eyebrows. They bleach the unwanted eyebrows and tint the eyebrows to define them.

Follow these steps to bleach unwanted facial hair at home:

  1. Get a facial bleach kit.
  2. Follow the instructions on the package.
  3. Wash your face with just water and avoid using the face wash for at least a day to avoid reaction.

However, bleaching can be harsh on your skin causing irritation and burns on sensitive skin. Conduct a patch test before using bleaching creams. You can also try homemade lightening methods to get rid of your facial hair naturally.

How to wax facial hair

There are various kinds of waxing methods available.

Soft wax: The wax has to be warm, applied with a spatula and is pulled off with a cloth strip. Apply some pressure on the removed area to calm down the pain. The spatula needs to be discarded after each application to avoid irritation.

Hard wax: It is harder wax, needs to be warmed, applied at room temperature and removed when it is fully hardened. It can remove shorter hairs than soft wax can.

Sugaring: It’s an ancient Egyptian DIY hair removal method, a paste made with sugar, lemon and water. This natural paste is boiled till it reaches the desired consistency which is quite difficult to achieve. The sugaring area is prepped by cleansing and applied powder, then the paste is applied against the hair growth and when it hardens, it is pulled towards the hair growth.

Wax strips: Ready to use face wax strips are available that has to be rubbed and warmed by hand and applied towards the direction of hair growth and removed in the opposite direction. It is an easier method when you don’t have time to go waxing.

Hardwax and sugaring are less painful than soft wax. Waxing removes hair from the follicle making the results last up to 3 to 6 weeks. It can be harsh on the skin, so exfoliating ingredients should discontinue at least 2 days before waxing.

Waxing is a very common method but is not for everybody as it can cause acne and ingrown hairs. The heat can also cause irritation on sensitive skin. You can try other facial hair removal methods for sensitive skin.

Waxing of darker or thicker hair will not make hair grow more or thicker, as the myth leads people to believe but If you have fluffier vellus hair, its recommended to avoid waxing as it may stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicle, which can lead to hairs becoming courser.

How to get rid of facial hair with dipilatory cream

It’s absolutely annoying when you have to deal with ingrown hairs and acne because waxing doesn’t work for you, but everyone’s swears by it. Worry no more, you can try the facial hair removal creams.

Depilatory creams consist of alkaline products, break down the proteins of the hair and make them weak to be broken off when they are wiped away. It is painless and takes minimum time. If you are thinking of hair removal cream on face, there are a wide range of depilatory creams available now for all skin type including sensitive skin.

Follow these steps to remove hair using depilatory cream:

  1. Apply the cream on the requires area.
  2. Read the instructions on the package, and let it sit for the given amount of time.
  3. wipe off with a damp cloth.
  4. Rinse with cold water and pat dry.

However, the results will only last up to a few days. Always do a patch test to check if the product causes any irritation on your skin. If you are pregnant, it’s safe to use them but it’s best to avoid as they contain chemicals and try other safe hair removing methods during pregnancy.

How to get rid of facial hair with tweezer

It’s always best to have a good tweezer in your bag for the unexpected hairs popping up at the wrong times. It works great to keep your eyebrows trimmed, and for those 1 or 2 hairs around your neck or chin.

Follow these steps to tweeze facial hair:

  1. Sterilize the tweezer with an alcohol swab. (or any other sterilizing method)
  2. Hold your skin taut, and pull the unwanted hair.
  3. Sterilize and store it in a bag to keep the edges in shape.

Tweezing won’t work for a large amount of hair and may cause inflammation and redness. Apply aloe vera gel to soothe the tweezed area.

How to use Epilator for facial hair

Epilators are similar to tweezers, pulling out hair from the root but in large quantities. Epilators for face have small rotating heads to remove the facial hair. Epilators works best on upper lip areas and unibrows.

Follow these steps to remove facial hair with epilator:

  1. Cleanse your face
  2. Move it across the area against the hair growth
  3. Wipe the area with an astringent to avoid acne and irritation.

Body epilators used on the face can cause breakouts and hence its best to get a face epilator. It’s quick, convenient and portable. Face epilators are not completely painless though as it is similar to tweezing an area together.

How to get rid of facial hair by threading

Threading is a method of plucking the hair at the follicle level using a doubled thread. It is used to obtain precise eyebrow shapes, remove upper lip hairs and sideburns.

The hair removal tool in treading is nothing but the thread held between a technician’s hands. This procedure does not involve chemicals and skin damage hence is appropriate for those on medication that can cause skin sensitivity like retinol etc. Threading is said to be less painful than waxing and tweezing, but the fact that it pulls hair from follicle will involve some amount of pain.

Threading requires skills, so its best to go to a beauty salon and get it done by a professional, trained and specialised on threading.

How to shave facial hair

women started shaving their faces as the trend disseminated online. It refers to dermaplaning, where a single blade is used to remove the peach fuzz along with removing dead cells. Benefits of dermaplaning are said to deeply exfoliate your skin with a smooth and brighter complexion.

shaving is the cheaper, easier, DIY option and dermaplaning is the next-level, more thorough option. People with sensitive, acne prone skin should avoid shaving, as it can burst the acne and cause irritation. Many women sware by shaving and how it makes the makeup look fawless and the skin looks so smooth with the right razors and steps.

Follow these steps for shaving facial hair for women:

  1. Cleanse your face
  2. Gently exfoliator the area you want to shave.
  3. Apply a shaving gel, this helps to preserve moisture and helps to avoid re-shaving an area that can lead to irritation
  4. Use a shaving tool designed for facial hair removal.
  5. Shave toward the direction of hair growth
  6. Apply an Alcohol-free moisturiser or oil.

Now the question arises, what happens when you shave your face. Does facial hair shaving make hair grow thicker or darker?

Dermatologists say that hair will not grow back thicker or faster. Shaving does not change the number of hair follicles in the skin or the rate of hair growth. However, by the razor cutting your hair off at its thickest point makes it look thicker and the shape of stubble can make hairs appear darker and coarser. Isn’t it the appearance that got you shaving in the first place? Think about it!

Shaving is advised for people on laser treatments to shave or trim the area before each session. visit your dermatologist for an in-office dermaplaning treatment as not taking the proper steps for shaving face can cause bad reactions.

Trimming facial hair

Trimming is used to shape and keep the eyebrows tamed. sideburns are also trimmed shorter before waxing to reduce the pain( waxing longer hairs can be painful). Use a small scissor to cut the hair. Women use this method to get rid of upper lip hair as well, holding the opened scissor close to the roots and sliding in it opposite to the direction of hair growth.

Laser for facial hair removal

Laser hair removal on the face is the one that can permanently, effectively and safely remove the facial hair, without the harmful effects of shaving or waxing. Laser hair removal is performed using a beam of light passing through the skin, destroying the hair follicle making it lose the ability of hair growth for a long time. It targets the pigment in the hair, hence people with lighter skin and darker hair are prone to get the best results.

How to prepare for a laser hair removal session:

  • You should limit plucking, waxing, electrolysis and sun exposure for six weeks before treatment.
  • You have to shave or trim the area before laser as it can react with hair on the skin’s surface which will cause irritation and burnt hair smell.
  • Avoid the gym, hot showers and sun for 24 hours after the session.

This facial hair removal method can be effective but is quite expensive costing from $200 to $300 per session. Treatment sessions can range from 6 to 12, depending on the results. Most patients have permanent hair loss after an average of three to seven sessions.

IPL or At home Laser

At-home laser or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) convert light to heat, essentially disabling the hair follicle, this is also a permanent solution for facial hair removal.

The difference between IPL and laser is that IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a broadband pulsed light source, whereas laser is a monochromatic coherent light source. Both IPL light and laser impulses reach the root a damaging it and after a few treatment sessions, will inhibit the root to produce new hair. In either case, results will be similar, with a laser from a professional leading to slightly faster results. These facial hair removal devices are cost-efficient considering the price for laser treatments.

How to use IPL or At-home laser for facial hair removal:

  1. Shave off the hair from the skin surface that you are planning on treating
  2. Cleanse the area you want to treat
  3. Place the device directly flat against your skin and click the flash button to emit a flash.
  4. You should only flash a specific area of the skin once per treatment.
  5. Apply sunscreen to the treated area and avoid perfumes, deodorants and hot showers, waxing and tweezing.

There are a wide variety of at-home laser devices designed with different features that you can select from.

Electrolysis for facial hair removal

Electrolysis is a method of removing individual hairs from the face or body. Today’s medical electrolysis devices destroy the growth centre of the hair with chemical or heat energy. After a very fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle, the hair is removed with tweezers. The number of sessions required will vary from person to person. This facial hair removal method has to be done by a qualified professional.

Prescription cream for facial hair removal

Prescription creams slow the rate of hair growth and improve the appearance. You won’t be able to go hair-free instantly and will have to wait for 4 – 8 weeks to start noticing the difference. You will need to continue your normal procedures for hair removal until desired results have been achieved.

Vaniqa is the only FDA-approved prescription cream among other creams in market. The prescription creams may cause acne, folliculitis (hair bumps), stinging or burning of the skin, headache, dry skin, itching or tingling of the skin, redness or irritation of the skin, indigestion, rash and dizziness. Consult your dermatologist before using the prescription cream for facial hair removal. And yes, the hairs will start growing back once you stop using the cream.

Never will facial hair to be a problem anymore! Hope we helped you find the right way of getting rid of facial hair. Share us your thoughts on what works best for you in the comments.

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Abs in 2 weeks Workout Challenge By Chole Ting

The 2 weeks abs workout by chole Ting has taken the internet by a storm. Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and even TikTok! everyone’s trying this challenge and posting their amazing transformations. A flat toned stomach is envied by everyone and achieving it in just 2 weeks sounds impossible but would be wonderful. If you have not come across this challenge, you have arrived at the right stop.

Chole ting profile’s in differnt social media platforms

Chole Ting is a YouTuber, who has many workout videos in her channel but this particular 2 weeks Abs workout challenge video got viral (presently at 141 Million views) during the pandemic because what better way to make the most of the quarantine than to come out looking all fabulous. The Abs in 2-week workout challenge video is a part of the summer shred challenge program.

Summer Shred Challenge progarm by Chloe ting

It is a 28 days free workout program by Chole ting with 4 to 5 videos dedicated for each day with a total duration of 20 to 40 minutes as the days progress. Each workout focuses on to tone a particular set of muscles. She has put together a great set of workouts to shred all the fat this summer. One of the video in the summer program was the Abs in 2 weeks challenge video. She also has a video on what she eats alongside the workout suggesting to follow a low carb diet.

Does the Chole Ting abs in 2 weeks Challenge really work?

Lots of people have tried this challenge and have made videos on it and posted it on youtube. See the transformations for yourself.

Results on youtube

Youtube videos of people who have tried the chloe ting challenge

Lots of people seem to have been benefited by this Abs in 2 weeks workout challenge video, while many say that it has not shown any major effect on them. Chloe Ting herself says in a video that each person’s body is different, so all you have do is to be consistent and workout until you see the results. It might take 2, 3 or 4 weeks for you start noticing a difference depending on your body type.

Few photos shares on Instagram

Chloe Ting workout Challenge Results on instagram

A fair share of people have profited from this challenge. There’s no harm in trying it for yourself. what are you waiting for? Start the challenge and show your results on Instagram by tagging #Choletingchallenge.


Best Times To Drink Water

Do you all know the best time of drinking water?

Start drinking 3 litres of water a day in order to stay properly hydrated on its best time. There is a specific time throughout the day to drink water which can actually boost your overall health. Also, can absorb more health benefits from water which improve your internal processes by drinking it at optimal times throughout the day.

Science proves that drinking water at the correct time in a day can help to prevent common problems such as heart attack, stomach pain, IBS, fatigue, high blood pressure, constipation, and stroke.

Want to drink more water to benefit your health? Here are 8 times your body needs drinking water the most.

1. Drink Water When You First Get Up

Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning is most beneficial for our bodies, both internally and externally. A glass of warm water right after you wake up tells your body that it’s time to get going. Your first glass of water should be immediately when you wake up. It also gets rid of all the toxins that you have accumulated in your circulatory system and helps to clean and purify your body’s internal organs.

2. Drink Water Before a Meal

Before a meal it’s good to have a glass of water, your stomach is hydrated and when you are hydrated the stomach is also prepared for food. Having a glass of water moistens the mouth and clears out leftover tastes from earlier food. Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before any meal to help with digestion.

3. Drink Water When You’re Hungry

If you’re hungry drink a tall glass of fresh water first to see if you’re dehydrated. Don’t get confused by thinking that you are hungry, when truly thirsty. Water can help to take up space in the stomach, which helps you feeling of fullness and reducing hunger. Drinking a glass of water before reaching for something to eat can helps you to avoid unnecessary snacking.

4. Drink Water Before and after Workouts

Depending on your body’s fluid levels at the time, you may need more glasses of water before you hit the gym to protect against dehydration during your workout.  As your body’s circulation plays a protective role it needs more water to function properly.

After your workout, it’s important to drink a lot of water to replace the fluids lost through sweat and humidity.

5. Drink Water When You’re Exposed to Germs

Drinking more water will wash away germs and viruses that your body may have picked up from the sick people if they are around you in the hospital or at work and school. The well-hydrated body encourages bacterial and viral invaders to move along so they don’t settle in and multiply in your system.

6. Drink Water When You’re Tired

If you’re feeling the need for a nap have a glass of water instead. Drinking a glass of water when you feel tired which will help to power up your brain.  Since your brain consists of 75% water, drinking a glass of water when you’re feeling sleepy will help to increase cognitive functioning.  Drink a glass of water if you’re feeling tired at work, or if you have a big presentation coming up and need to focus.

7. Drink Before Bath Time

Drinking one glass of water before taking a bath can help in lowering blood pressure. The water should be warm to promote dilation of your blood vessels, which causes blood pressure to drop. Also, drinking water dilutes sodium levels in the body which further aids in lowering blood pressure. 

8. Drink Before Bedtime

Its good to be hydrated before going to bedtime, you can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. A heart attack occurs mostly in the morning because the blood is thicker due to loss of water. This is one of the good reasons to keep your body hydrated while you are sleeping. Drinking water before bed has a number of benefits, but most of the reviews say drinking water too close to bedtime can interrupt your sleep cycle and negatively impact heart health.

Important Note: Avoid Drinking Water While Standing

Drinking water while standing has no benefits. When you drink water while standing the fluid passes through without any filtration to the lower stomach. This causes the water impurities to settle in the bladder that can result in massive damage to the kidneys. In the long run, it disturbs the entire digestive tract & the nearby organs.

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Does this sanitizer kill coronavirus? Bath and Body works santizer review

Sanitizers have metamorphosized into an essential product in our daily life, courtesy coronavirus! Alcohol is the main ingredient is most sanitizers because Alcohol is effective at killing different types of microbes, including both viruses and bacteria.

At a concentration above 60 percent, Alcohol is effective at killing bacteris and viruses including coronavirus. That doesn’t mean higher the better, Note that a high amount of alcohol content might dry your skin very quickly causing it to be irritated. Broken skin can be more vulnerable to the virus.

Bath and body works sanitizers have 68 percent of alcohol content and it is enriched with shea extracts,vitamin E and aloe vera keeping your hands clean and soft.

Bath and Body works comes up with new scents every now and then. I love their mists and body washes. Few of my favourite scents are a thousand wishes, cherry blossom, wild blueberry and vanilla sugar.

Walking through the beautifully set variety of eye-catching self-care products, I would see these cute little sanitizers but had never tried them. Few days back, I was browsing through the net and came across these cuties and couldn’t resist my self from buying them. I ordered them right away, as I had to buy sanitizers anyways to deal with this pandemic.

I’M Really A mermaid“, “watermelon Lemonade“, “Cucumber Melon“, “ I like you a waffle Lot” and “pineapple Mango” were the ones I ordered.

These are formulated to kill 99.9% of most common germs, while the pocket-friendly design makes it easy to keep hands clean & conditioned when you’re on-the-go. Can’t forget to mention the cute holders for the sanitizers, sold separately!

Cucumber melon is a refreshing blend of crisp cucumber, watery honeydew, summer cantaloupe, sparkling grapefruit & sheer woods. It smells fruity with the initial note of melon and a light cucumber note afterwards. Gives you a very positive vibe. It’s my present favourite.

Watermelon Lemonade is a refreshing spritzer of watermelon, frozen lemon & poppies. It has a tangy fruity smell with lemony freshness. Reminds me of summertime. It smells really good.

I like you A waffle lot is a blend of smoky vanilla, sugar and sparkling water. I can hardly smell vanilla. It does smell like a waffle somewhere but I am not very happy how it smells on my hand. It reminds me of fried oil/butter, which isn’t quite a lingering smell.

Pineapple Mango is an exotic blend of fresh Pineapple Juice, Mango, Vine-Ripened Raspberry with Essential Oils. The sweet pineapple smells amazing right off the bat, with mango twist and floral notes. It takes you to the rain forest with its fresh tropical tingling fragrance.

I’m Really a Mermaid is an oh-so-fresh sea-inspired blend of Sparkling Tangelo, Sheer Sands, White Orchid, Island Driftwood & Coconut Water. It smells cool, clean and fresh like you just got out of the shower. You can’t go wrong with this one.

These sanitizers are formulated with 68% of Alcohol (effective enough to kill coronavirus), will come handy when soap and water are not readily available. Wash your hands, use sanitizers, moisturize and stay safe. 👩

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10 Crazy things you can buy on Amazon

Amazon never fails to surprise the online shopping freaks with its outrageous amount of choices. From 2 storehouse ( YES! you can order that on amazon) to haystack, you can get it all. There’s nothing you cant buy, but you can buy nothing as well. Doesn’t make sense? we’ll come to that later. We came across a few hilarious stuff you can buy on amazon. Click on the pictures to buy it from Amazon.

1. A Cat Butt tissue holder $18.95

The cat is so adorably cute, and the popping tissues are sure to make you love it even more. 😁

2. Nose shaped soap dispenser $7.98

That looks nasty with that green liquid soap. Confused and wondering who wants that in their toilets? I am totally for it than the chocolate that comes in a commode shaped bowl.

3. Toilet coffee mug $9.99

The coffee might taste good but definitely doesn’t look appealing. Speaking of which, In china, they have a whole restaurant that’s themed to look like a toilet. The chairs to the bowls and walls, everything looks so much like a toilet.

4. Makeup protection mask $ 19.05

yes, that’s a makeup protection mask. It doesn’t look very useful but it’s used to protect your makeup if you have to change clothes after having your makeup done.

5. Nothing $5.99

For a person who has everything, nothing is something you can get. It’s nothing, but it’s sure to make them laugh. 😄

6. Finger cover for cheesy food $18

They look like a cute dress for your fingertips. Do not want to use spoon and fork, neither want to dirty your fingers, Then this is for you. Not sure if it can keep the promise to keep your fingers clean though.

7. Chicken harness & leash $12.99

A person walking this chicken is definitely going to get some gazes, Let alone if that’s even possible as they swing and run.

8. Dog wig $10.11

A wig for your dog that will match with you? That’s going to be a distinct level of twinning with your pet.

9. Hairy Belly shaped bag $9.58

Can a bag get weirder? It will be amusing to learn the response you receive walking with those on.

10. Corgi Butt shoulder bag $8.99

Enduring the cuteness the bag holds is enough to make you go crazy about it. This butt-shaped bag is silky and smooth to touch nonetheless furry. 😉

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3 Effective tips for clear and smooth skin

There are lot of thinks that effect our skin. It’s not hard to attain a clear and smooth skin. These 3 tips are quite effective and will surely help in reviving your skin. These are simple changes that are not hard to practice and trust me you will see the difference.

Eat healthy food

Well, you might have read it a million times and it is totally true, eating healthy food is the first vital step to healthy, clear skin. what you eat will directly reflect on your skin. If you eat more of oily stuff you will start getting acne. Eat more salads, try to include salads in all your meals. Also, have a bowl of fruits on a daily basis to keep your skin looking younger and healthy. Also, drink lots of water. Water helps keep the skin hydrated and keeps the texture of the skin smooth. Buy a bundle of seasonal fruit online.


Exercise is a must for everyone. Go for a morning walk or exercise, it will help you keep your body fit. You don’t always have to go to the gym to maintain a fit body, get a workout mat and get going. Even your stomach will be happy, the digestion gets better and intern it contributes to healthy skin.

Daily skin care Routine

Everyone should strictly follow a skincare routine to maintain a healthy and clear skin

First you will have to find your skin type


Those with normal skin types generally exhibit few blemishes, and they have small, barely visible pores, and smooth skin texture.

Oily Skin

Those with oily skin experience quite a bit of shine, and very often struggle with acne breakouts. Excessive oil can result in larger pores, and you may find that your makeup “slides” of during the day without reapplication.

Dry Skin

Those with dry skin have small, invisible pores. Dry skin can lead to irritation and flakiness, and you may observe dry patches across the face.

Combination Skin

Combination skin exhibits the presence of two or more of the aforementioned skin types. The skin is often oily in the T-zone, while other portions of the face may be excessively dry.

Sensitive Skin

Those with sensitive skin may experience any of the above skin types but with added sensitivity. They may be more vulnerable to products with irritating chemicals and fragrances.


Which ever skin type you are: you will have to follow a simple CTM (cleanser,toner,moisturizer) routine. Everyones knows what CTM stands for. I had heard that CTM works wonders on skin,it clears your skin and so on. But i thought that these were all marketing tactics, Until I myself tried it.

Prior to starting the CTM routine, I would wash my face many times a day to get rid of the excess oil on my face. little did I know that I was making it produce more oil and by not using a moisturiser after cleansing, made my skin think that it needed to produce more sebum.

Toner helps shrinken the pores, retain the skin ph balance and refreshes the skin.

After Following CTM routine, my skin started getting clear in just 3 weeks. I made sure that I was using the cleanser, toner and moisturizer without fail twice a day. All those small whiteheads started disappearing and my face became more smooth and clear. My skins texture got better and I started loving my skin.

Try these simple tips for clear, smooth and healthy skin. Do comment on how it affected you. Be healthy and shine bright.