Apple iPhone SE 2020 – Review

Newly launched iPhone for just $399? Yes, you heard it right. Apple has launched its fresh out of the plastic new iPhone for an incredible price of $399. It’s Apple’s unprecedented phone in unprecedented times. Apple iPhone SE 2020 retains the original name of iPhone SE, looks exactly like the iPhone 8 but internally it is built with iPhone 11 specs. A kind of device which makes you feel underwhelming and overwhelming at the same time. Underwhelming for old body design and overwhelming for wonderful specs. But If you want an Apple logo for the lowest possible price then this iPhone might be for you. Let’s dive in and check out what this phone has got to offer.

Key Specifications

iphone se specifications
iPhone SE 2020 specifications


iPhone 11 SE 2020
iPhone SE 2020

The body of this device is very small by today’s standards but it’s pretty refreshing to have a thin and lightweight phone and it is surely noticeable. The logo has moved down to the middle of the phone to match all the new iPhones. Speakers are at the base, paired with the earpiece. There are gigantic top and bottom black bezels with a classic home button on the bottom with a fingerprint sensor. There are 3 colours for iPhone SE i.e red, black and white.


iPhone SE has a small 4.7 inch LCD display with huge bezels. The display doesn’t get bright as new generation phones, outdoor visibility is poor and display doesn’t double-tap to wake. It does have a 60 Hz refresh rate which is not a bad deal for 400 dollars phone. But if you are someone who prefers the full screen/infinity display over high-end processor then this phone is probably not be for you.


There is a single 12 MP wide-angle camera system around the back with f/1.8 aperture and 7 MP front camera with an f/2.2 aperture. iPhone SE has 8 portrait lighting features, selfies come out pretty good.  The iPhone SE’s camera can record 4K video at up to 60 frames per second with optical image stabilization and support for slow-mo video and time-lapse video. There is no night mode but this camera is way above average for this price.

Battery and Storage

Apple iPhone SE has the tiny battery of 1821 mAh, considering the fact that the phone is small and has comparatively short display it should be good for one day use with a single charge. Battery life is good and it has a great stand by time as most iPhone’s do. Phone ships with a 5 Watt charger and it does have wireless charging with no fast charging feature. It will take 2 hours to charge the phone to 100%.

iPhone SE comes in three different configuration i.e 64 GB/ 128 GB/256 GB. If you are buying the iPhone SE, I recommend you to spend the extra 50 bucks to get a 128 GB of storage instead of 64 GB. That being said, a lot of stuff can be stored at the cloud, can offload apps and keep all of that stored virtually.


The reason iPhone SE is really impressive is that inside it has the exact same processor as the iPhone 11 Pro. It’s the A13 Bionic, which means the phone is really fast for sure and it is sure to get OS updates for many years to come. The performance in this phone is insane because of A13 Bionic chipset and extra RAM which is absolutely fly through iOS on 720p display and it comes with IP 67 water and dust resistance which is pretty good but not the best.

Overall, this phone checks all the basic necessary selling point. Apple essentially delivered one of the value phones of the year in a long time. You don’t buy the iPhone SE for its revolutionary new design, you buy it for its price tag.


  1. 2016 iPhone SE, now the 2020 generation of iPhone SE.
    Apple will proliverate in other customer segments in the US and Europe, but also in upcoming markets with this very affordable iPhone. It is an interesting phone with access to the Apple ecosystem: so simplistic to use.

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