Al Khafji : Lesser known Beautiful part of Saudi Arabia

Al Khafji or Ras Al khafji is a strategically located town in Saudi Arabia which shares borders with the state of Kuwait and has in it operating, the Saudi oil-producing Gaint Saudi Aramco together in a joint venture with Kuwait oil company Christened KJO – Al Khafji Joint Operations.

In addition to its strategic importance, it also hearts a beautiful corniche, a serene beach with crystal blue skies and waves hitting the shores with winds gushing in, creating a scenic beauty.

Al Khafji beach

Turquoise seas lap gently over its pristine white sand, this beach is clean and well looked after. You can leave behind the crowds and noises to a calm and quiet coastal trails inviting you to unwind and listen to the waves crash gently on the shores.

Al khafji beach during winters

The beach is split into two areas, one for swimmers with beautiful small huts so that you can also have barbeque parties and the other side comprises of beautifully mould concrete chairs and interlocked walkways with decorated street lamps adorning the pathway. You will also find shawarma joints and coffee shops along the way.

Roads of Al Khafji

Khafji is going to be the next big tourist attraction after Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. Khafji comes under the Khafji governorate which is 300 kms from Dammam and 120kms from Kuwait city. It is a quiet and calm town with no much hustle and bustle of people nor crowded traffic. It’s probably the only town with no traffic signals but big and small beautifully crafted roundabouts spread all over the town.

Al Khafji Cafes

One thing you will find at every nook and corner in this town are a variety of cafe’s innovatively themed, providing customers with a great variety of delicious desserts and of course a great ambience to sit and sip off if you prefer having it in the cafe. Some of the popular ones are:

Rymaz sweet shop is definetly a must try, if you visit Khafji.

Some of the Restaurants to try in Khafji are :

There are plenty of other fast-food chains from McDonalds to maestro, like every other city.

Shopping options are limited with souq zahab also called ladies market, to buy clothes, beauty products and gold. Although there is a huge huge mall under construction, hoping to be completed soon.

Have you visted Khafji yet……?

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