Best electric shavers for women’s facial hair in 2020

Hair free skin looks effortless and natural. But behind every beautiful, hair-free skin is a ton of hard work and at least a few essential tools.

Recently, I’ve invested a lot of time looking for the best electric shaver for women’s facial hair.

I’ve gotta say – it’s super-hard to decide which one to get!

There are plenty of options in the market. The prices vary a lot and its hard to make the decision.

After spending a considerable amount of time mulling over which option is the right option for me, I’ve decided to write this “Ultimate Guide” on “Best electric shaver for women’s facial hair”

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Do you want to save few dollars on salon every week?

These cute tiny electric shavers allow you to have perfect hair-free skin at the comfort of your home. I mean, why pay a salon, for something you can do it yourself with one-time investment. And the best part is, you can achieve all this by staying away from the harmful chemicals that are used in bleaches and depilatory creams. Check them OUT!!!

Quick Summary

Image Name Amazon Rating
Reazeal Rechargeable Precision trimmer

4.4 out of 5

Buy on Amazon
Panasonic electric shaver for women

4.2 out of 5

Buy on Amazon
Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Facial trimmer

4.1 out of 5

Buy on Amazon
VogCrest electric facial shaver for Women

4.5 out of 5

Buy on Amazon
Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Precision shaver

4.3 out of 5

Buy on Amazon
Funstant Precision facial shaver for Women

4.4 out of 5

Buy on Amazon
Liberex electric facial for ladies

4.3 out of 5

Buy on Amazon
Philips Precision Perfect trimmer/shaver

4 out of 5

Buy on Amazon
Wahl pure confidence women’s rechargeable shaver

4.1 out of 5

Buy on Amazon
Conair Satiny Smooth All-in-One Facial Hair Trimming System

4 out of 5

Buy on Amazon

How we Rank?

These are the factors considered to rank the electric shavers for women’s facial hair:

best electric shaver for women's facial hair in 2020

1. Quality and Accessories

When you decide to buy an electric shaver, you need to choose a shaver that will last long for years, which do not heat up and is exactly working as intended. Facial shavers with hypoallergenic stainless steel or chromium or titanium blades are best to go for. They also come with additional accessories like trimming combs, extra blades, and small shaver heads to make the process effective and pain-free

2. Versatility

We opt for a trimmer/shaver that works great for sideburns, upper lip, lower lip and everything in between. It is true that shavers are made for specialized use but there also exist multi-functional shavers for versatile use. A multi-functional shaver will cover up the need for 10’s of other tools.

3. Battery life

We don’t want our device to stop in between the shaving process so we either look for rechargeable electric shavers so that it can be charged well before use or we choose the shavers that uses good, solid batteries. The facial shavers with AA and AAA are good options for a longer life.

4. Price

Prices of these electric shavers vary according to their features. A low-cost trimmer/shaver may not have all the needed features. Most of the time, price and features go hand in hand. The more the features, the higher the price. But some products are both affordable and well-featured. Price should be an important consideration, but not at the expense of quality. Ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

5. Customer reviews

Product reviews and ratings are important sources of information to support the buying decisions of customers, especially online. The reviews help us see the products in real life. We have selected the shavers with the best reviews and ratings to help you find the right product.

Hopefully, this article will assist you to pick a best electric shaver that will serve you well for years.

best electric shaver for women's facial hair

1. Why use electric shaver for women’s facial hair?

Here’s WHY

>> The facial trimmer comes to rescue when you don’t have time for a trip to salon especially for unexpected parties or travel plans.

>> It quickly removes unwanted hairs off the face, keeping your skin radiant, healthy, and smooth, anytime, anywhere.

>> Get hair-free skin without causing any pulls, scratches, redness or irritation.

 >> Hair trimmers come in lipstick size, look stylish, and are very travel friendly. It’s always a good idea to have a good quality facial trimmer in your make up pouch or purse.

2. Is it OK for a woman to shave her face?

Yes, shaving removes unwanted hairs off your face and exfoliate your skin as well. Good quality facial shavers are equipped with a super thin hypoallergenic blade to shave safely. It provides gentle, precision trimming on even the most sensitive skin.

Find out Why Huda Kattan shaves her face?

Related: Best way to remove facial hair for sensitive skin

3. Does shaving make skin black?

 Not at all! Electric shavers do not blacken your skin as usually done by hair removal cremes, over a period of time. But we need to be careful while choosing the good quality shaver/trimmer. A low-quality electric shaver produces an amount of heat. This is kind of radiation and is directly proportional to the health of your skin tissues.

Before using electric shaver, clean the face and after the application make sure to use a moisturizer or a body lotion to hydrate the skin and rest assured you won’t feel any sensation or discolouration of your skin.

4.Does shaving women’s facial hair make it thicker??

Whenever we ladies look at the options for effective ways to get rid of facial hair, the one thing that bothers us is ” will it make our hair grow back thicker?”.

Well, Huda Kattan (beauty blogger, and founder of Huda Beauty) says “when you shave on the dry clean face, hairs do not grow back thicker and it really works best! It grows even finer than before. She says, it also helps exfoliate the skin but you definitely need to get the right product.

Best electric shaver for women’s facial hair in 2020 – Review

We have listed 10 best electric shavers that market has to offer for women’s facial hair.

1. Painless- Precision, Rechargeable electric shaver

best electric shaver for women's facial hair

Highlighting Features

  • USB-Rechargeable
  • 3600 Precision
  • Dual edge blade
  • Value for money

2,871 positive reviews on Amazon

Product Description

>> Found a hair on your face and want to get rid of it immediately? This stylish, electric shaver is portable, light-weighted, small enough to be your all-time travelling partner.

Does it work like advertised?

>> I swear!!! It was so satisfying to see the TV commercial this brand released. I literally started digging up blogs, YouTube videos and Amazon product reviews to see if it really works. And guess what?? It WORKS and it is very effective!!! Especially, during this current times of crisis, it just like “manna from heaven” thing.

What’s so Special?

>> It is gentle on your skin and multi-functional. It can be used not only for eyebrow but also for face, lip, chin, nose and so on. Since the trimmer head is small, it works best for eyebrow shaping and trimming.

>> It is safe to use on all skin types. Sharp stainless steel precision blades convey a perfect shave close to your skin without causing any pulls, scratches, redness or irritation. It is also dermatologist approved and that makes me so happy.

>>  It comes with Built-in Ni-Cd AAA battery, and the best part is, IT IS RECHARGEABLE which can be charged using the Android charging cable. It also has built-in LED lights so that you do not miss any hair back on skin and this trimmer is for dry use. It comes with cute little cleaning brush which makes the cleaning very easy.

Wild Eyebrows? Not a Problem Anymore!!!

The tip of this electric shaver is so cool, it almost look like a crayon. It has a very precise tapered tip for getting the precise movements so you can get close to the brows for the sharp and clean look. Hold the it like a pencil, pull the skin tight and work in the opposite direction of hair growth. It remove hairs pretty fast without leaving any visible roots. It will leave your skin so smooth that after results feels like “you just waxed”.

Amazon Customer Reviews will excite You

71% of customers have given 5 star rating to this product. Amazon itself rank this product on #2 in “eyebrow hair trimmer”. Buyers of this trimmer have dropped some of the amazing review which make one not to miss on this product.


✓  It removes even the small stubble hair on the face, without leaving the visible roots.

✓ Rechargeable, saves your money on batteries.


❌ You can not purchase additional replacement heads.

2. Panasonic electric shaver/trimmer for women’s facial hair

best electric shaver for women's facial hair

Highlighting Features

  • Additional Eyebrow Trimmer Attachments
  • Smooth pivoting head
  • Ultra-sharp, hypoallergenic stainless steel blades
  • Sleek Wand Design for Comfortable Control

3055 positive reviews on Amazon

Product Description

>> If you are looking for the professional-grade option, consider this Panasonic trimmer. This device is equipped with a round-tipped, super-thin hypoallergenic blade to trim safely on sensitive skin without irritation. Its smooth-pivoting head swings 10 degrees to the left and right to glide easily over the face. This device is for dry use, you can even trim over the makeup.

>> It comes with additional eyebrow trimmer attachments, trims and style the eyebrows with two precision snap, Comb A (approx. 8mm & 6mm), Comb B (approx. 4 mm & 2 mm). The unit doesn’t come with the case but the cap covers the blade and it works like advertised.

>> The sleek design of this electric shaver is perfect to fit comfortably in either hand for total control. It is cordless but fully powered by 1 AAA size battery (not included in pack), which gives you the operating time of 8 shaves (approx). It doesn’t home the LED light.


✓ Ultra-sharp, hypoallergenic stainless steel blades

✓ It comes with 2 year warranty


❌ Blades work for years but the cost of replacement blades are a bit high. 

3. Flawless electric shaver for women’s facial hair

best electric shaver for women's facial hair

Highlighting Features

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Lipstick size
  • Hypo-allergenic, 18 Karat gold plated head
  • Built in light

8,387 positive reviews on Amazon

Product Description

>> You only get ONE chance at a first impression and this tiny guy is absolutely great for a quick-fix. Simply grab a compact make-up mirror or flip the car visor mirror down, roll it on your face and get the best precision trim.

>> This device is meant to work best on peach fuzz safely and painlessly. It is gentle enough for everyday use. You need not wait for hair to grow out, use on hair 1/4 inches in length or less. Since it is hypoallergenic and dermatologist recommended, it works well for all skin types.

>> All you need to do is, move the device in small circles until smooth. It removes the hair microscopically through the spinning blade which is covered under 18 karat gold plated head. So the blades don’t touch the delicate facial skin therefore no cuts and irritation. It is rechargeable battery operated and is meant for dry use. It doesn’t have a built-in LED light.


✓ Butterfly Technology, erases hair without blades touching the facial skin

✓  Rechargeable batteries.

✓ 30 days guarantee and 2 years warranty.


❌ Not recommended for shaping eyebrows since the rotating head is round and wide.

4. VG VOGCREST- electric shaver for women’s facial hair

best electric shaver for women's facial hair

Highlighting Features

  • USB Rechargeable with LED Light
  • Waterproof trimming heads
  • Low viration and low noise

750 positive reviews on Amazon

Product Description

>> This beautiful portable electric shaver is suitable for daily use to keep up with the hair regrowth and leave it smooth, specially designed to use on the eyebrow, upper lip, lower lip, nose, cheeks, chin and neck. Works perfectly on peach fuzz or fine hair.

>> It is proven safe for every skin type since it uses hypoallergenic blades. It closely removes unwanted hair gently without nicks, cuts and irritation. Go slow with circular movements and it will get the job done.

>> Trimmer comes with 2 different heads. The large shaver head works wonders on moustache, quick touch-ups and peach fuzz. Eyebrow attachment works great for getting desired eyebrow shape.

>> Since it is USB rechargeable you don’t have to spend extra money on batteries. It is meant for dry use. The hair remover comes with hassle-free quality guarantee for 60 days condition-free return and a lifetime warranty for product defects.


✓  60 days condition free return and life time warranty for product defects.

✓ Built in light and rechargeable


❌ Device may warm up little on longer use.

5. Conair Satiny Smooth electric shaver for women

best electric shaver for women's facial hair

Highlighting Features

  • Eyebrow attachments
  • Nose and Ear attachments
  • Extremely durable blades

566 positive reviews on Amazon

Product Description

>> Though this device is small and compact, it works great for all the intended functions. It does an excellent job of clearing all the bothersome hairs by leaving the smooth finish skin.

>>You’ll love the different attachment heads for eyebrows, nose and ears. The large comb trims hair to 7mm long and the small comb cuts hair to 4mm. It allows you to shave hard-to-reach areas with the wide blade for precise full body trimming but it doesn’t come with LED light and is meant for dry use.

>>This unit is cordless and operates on a lithium-ion battery ( included) for long-lasting power. Overall, this little trimmer will take care of your full body trimming needs. It isn’t very quiet but that’s not a big deal. It is absolute travel friendly and is top-notch for the price.


✓  It comes with 2 Eyebrow combs and Nose/Ear trimmer attachments

✓ Can be used on the face, body, & bikini area


❌ No LED light and works on battery.

6. Funstant – Electric shaver for women

best electric shaver for women's facial hair

Highlighting Features

  • Trimming combs for different hair length
  • Efficient Dual Blade
  • Precision Double-side Trimmer Head

284 positive reviews on Amazon

Product Description

>> Funstant Precision facial trimmer works great on the upper lip, eyebrows, underarms and bikini area. Though it is a multi-functional trimmer, it is not recommended for leg hair because that would just take way too long time for trimming. This trimmer is mainly intended to remove hairs in smaller areas and be more precise.

>> Eyebrow attachments are great for taming those brows that grow a little wild. It is very effective for upper lip hair stragglers and the occasional annoying chin hairs. The hypoallergenic trimmer blades are pretty sharp which gives a very smooth shave and leaves the skin soft. 

>> It is cordless and comes with replacement head. It operates on AAA battery (not included) and a cleaning brush to brush hairs away from the blade but no LED light. Overall, Funstant facial trimmer is convenient, inexpensive, and effective.


✓  Comes with extra replacement head.

✓ Good power and speed

✓ 18 months unconditional refund warranty


❌ You can not purchase additional replacement heads.

7. Liberex- electric shaver for women’s facial hair

best electric shaver for women's facial hair

Highlighting Features

  • 300 rotating blade
  • 6500 RPM, operating motor
  • Eyebrow attachment

200 positive reviews on Amazon

Product Description

>> The Liberex Precise Trimmer is designed for use on (upper/lower) lips, eyebrows, chin and entire face. It is equipped with a hypoallergenic precision blade to trim safely on the skin. The high-speed motor operates at 6500 RPM and that allows each hair to be captured. R- shaped edge design prevents skin injuries and it works great for peach fuzz.

>> The blade head can rotate 30 degrees, to let you comfortably hold in the palm for close trimming. It also comes with the eyebrow attachment to trim the eyebrows to 4mm or 2mm. You cannot buy replacement heads if the head pulls out, you will need to buy a new one.

>> This unit operates on one AAA battery (included) and it doesn’t bear warranty. It is very quiet while operating and comes with the trimmer cleaning brush but it doesn’t come with LED light.


✓ It uses hypoallergenic precision blade

✓ Adjustable eyebrow attachment targets each area as needed.


❌ No warranty.

8. Philips PrecisionPerfect – Electric shaver for women

best electric shaver for women's facial hair

Highlighting Features

  • 2 Precision attachments
  • 2mm & 4mm trimming comb
  • 2 years guarantee

462 positive reviews on Amazon

Product Description

>> Gently & safely removes all type of unwanted facial hair. It includes 2 attachments for trimming and shaping eyebrows. Trim eyebrows to a uniform length of 2 or 4 mm.

>> No lip, brow or chin hair will stand in the way between you and a perfectly smooth face. Useful for all skin types. This trimmer is for dry use, there’s no Built-in-LED light and no warranty.

>> It comes with a delicate cleaning brush for optimal hygiene. Takes AAA batteries for anytime, anywhere use. You may need to change the batteries once in 15 days, depending upon your use. Lightweight and compact for complete control.


✓ 2 years guarantee

✓ Great for eyebrows


❌ Not very ideal for heavy trim

9. Wahl Clean and Confident electric shaver for women

best electric shaver for women's facial hair

Highlighting Features

  • Budget Multigroomer
  • Rinseable blades
  • Self-sharpening precision blades 

254 positive reviews on Amazon

Product Description

>> Brand says, “this trimmer is perfect for eyebrows, bikini lines, peach fuzz, & facial hair detailing with the detailer head”. You can achieve clean and smooth trimming with Wahl’s Clean & Confident Ladies Detail Trimmer. It works great for detail trimming of the eyebrows, face, underarms and bikini area.

>> This trimmer is battery powered for cordless use. 1 AAA battery is also included with the box. The provided eyebrow head attachment helps evenly trim eyebrows and provides 2 in 1, long and shortcutting lengths. The detail trimmer head is rinse-able which provides simple and easy cleaning.

>> If you want something for bigger trims, then this trimmer might fail to surprise you. But if you’re looking for something for every once in a while then this is a great deal.


✓  Multi functional trimmer on low budget

✓ 2 in 1 eyebrow attachments


❌ It does its job but may not work wonders for heavy trim

10. Conair Satiny Smooth All-in-One Facial Hair Trimming System

best electric shaver for women's facial hair

Highlighting Features

  • 5 attachment heads
  • Wet/dry use

54 positive reviews on Amazon

Product Description

>> Conair’s advanced wet/dry personal hair trimmer for women is delicately designed for use in and out of the shower. This multi-purpose ladies trimmer has versatile attachments, and it also comes with rotatory shaver for a close smooth shave. It has hypoallergenic foils to avoid skin irritation but it has no built-in-LED light.

>> It includes a convenient storage pouch and is cordless and battery operated (requires 1 AA battery) for hand-held all-over use. In short, this is a multi-use trimmer for head to toe trimming.


✓  It is a complete set

✓ 2 years warranty


❌ No instructions on how to switch blades. Once figure out, it works well.

How to use women’s electric facial shavers?

  • Clean your face and device very well before the shaving application. Sanitizing the blades of trimmer would be great to stop breakouts or skin irritation.
  • All electric shavers are designed differently, make sure to read the user manual to understand how your device works best.
  • No trimmer works lightning fast. Go back and forth a few times over the same area for the best results.
  • Lastly, moisturize the face, post shaving because the shaving not only removes hair but also exfoliates the skin.

Note: Using the facial trimmers for thick and long hairs such as on legs may clog the blades. Use your facial trimmer only for face for it to last long for years.


I hope you guys find this article informative and helpful. Getting the facial hairs removed professionally can get heavy on your wallet, so these shavers are perfect to get the work done anytime anywhere by saving you some money. If you have any experience with the electric shavers or any brand shavers in particular, please comment down below, we would love to hear which device you found to be best electric shaver for women’s facial hair

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