What is a Flagship phone

Flagships are referred to the BEST phone manufactured by a company till date. Flagship phones have the best possible specifications with best possible hardware and they look very premium. Every phone manufacturing company has its own flagship and they are stuffed with the latest and innovative technologies which differentiates it from mid-range phones. The company aims to drive major revenue share and brand value with Flagship phones.

Flagship smartphones will have

  • Great cameras (the best in class highest rated cameras).
  • Great display.
  • Very high internal storage.
  • Great processor (flagship processor like snapdragon).
  • Premium designs.
  • Incredible speed and performance.
  • Water resistance, fast charging, wireless charging and many more.
  • They will be good in everything if budget is not an issue.

Check out our reviews on top flagships:

1. Huawei P40 Pro – Full Review

Huawei P40 pro, Huawei’s latest flagship phone brings a bunch of high-end features with “World’s first Quad curved display” , beautiful 6.58 inch OLED overflow display. Huawei has always paid attention to their cameras and this device camera takes the best photos ever on a phone because it is built with the world’s biggest smartphone camera sensor. Read more…

flagship phone

2. Samsung Galaxy Z FlipFull Review

Smartphones basically looked identical in the past few years. But Samsung has been leading the way with bringing the top-quality folding displays in the market. The Samsung galaxy Z flip is their take on how a modern touch screen smartphone can be combined into exemplary fold-able form. Read more…

flagship phone

3. Oppo Find X2 Pro – Full Review

The Oppo find X2 Pro is the latest flagship device from Oppo from the Chinese smartphone makers. It’s their highest-end smartphone for 2020. It is absolutely insane with specs, which genuinely makes you think if they have just topped the $1400 Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra. Read more…

flagship phone

4. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – Full review

Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra is the Samsung’s latest flagship where they have tried to pack all the possible features to make it an outstanding flagship which stands to be the superior smartphone of early 2020. Get next-level power for everything you love to do with Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra; Share more, game harder, experience more and never miss a beat. Read more…

flagship phone

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