Abs in 2 weeks Workout Challenge By Chole Ting

The 2 weeks abs workout by chole Ting has taken the internet by a storm. Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and even TikTok! everyone’s trying this challenge and posting their amazing transformations. A flat toned stomach is envied by everyone and achieving it in just 2 weeks sounds impossible but would be wonderful. If you have not come across this challenge, you have arrived at the right stop.

Chole ting profile’s in differnt social media platforms

Chole Ting is a YouTuber, who has many workout videos in her channel but this particular 2 weeks Abs workout challenge video got viral (presently at 212 Million views) during the pandemic because what better way to make the most of the quarantine than to come out looking all fabulous. The Abs in 2-week workout challenge video is a part of the summer shred challenge program.

Summer Shred Challenge progarm by Chloe ting

It is a 28 days free workout program by Chole ting with 4 to 5 videos dedicated for each day with a total duration of 20 to 40 minutes as the days progress. Each workout focuses on to tone a particular set of muscles. She has put together a great set of workouts to shred all the fat this summer. One of the video in the summer program was the Abs in 2 weeks challenge video. She also has a video on what she eats alongside the workout suggesting to follow a low carb diet.

Chole Ting YouTube Video

Abs in 2 weeks challenge

What to eat to get best results?

What to eat while following 2 weeks Abs challenge

Does the Chole Ting abs in 2 weeks Challenge really work?

Lots of people have tried this challenge and have made videos on it and posted it on youtube. See the transformations for yourself.

Results on youtube

Youtube videos of people who have tried the chloe ting challenge

Lots of people seem to have been benefited by this Abs in 2 weeks workout challenge video, while many say that it has not shown any major effect on them. Chloe Ting herself says in a video that each person’s body is different, so all you have do is to be consistent and workout until you see the results. It might take 2, 3 or 4 weeks for you start noticing a difference depending on your body type.

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Few photos shares on Instagram

Chloe Ting workout Challenge Results on instagram

A fair share of people have profited from this challenge. There’s no harm in trying it for yourself. what are you waiting for? Start the challenge and show your results on Instagram by tagging #Choletingchallenge.

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