Motorola Edge+ Full Review

For the past couple of years, Motorola has really made a name for itself, especially with mid-range phones which are great but not the best one you can buy, until now. But it’s latest phone, Motorola Edge+ is its first flagship in years and a real competitor from spec sheet perspective. Motorola Edge + is focused on the more premium and expensive side of the market. So, let’s dive in

Motorola Edge+ Specifications


The sleek curved, Motorola Edge+ looks extremely stylish in hand and very appealing to the eyes. Because of the edge display, there are no bezels on the side of the phone which look pretty cool. The phone comes with a shiny finish, squared-off corners and sharp edges. Aluminium frame in between the glass panels is incredibly slim along the sides and the quality of the materials is excellent. The bottom of the phone is flat enough to stand the phone up on a table.

The power button and the volume rocker on the side of the phone are pushed back even further from the middle where they would usually be. There’s a speaker on the bottom, which is the main speaker. There’s also a speaker on the top for the earpiece which doubles as the second speaker for stereo sound, which is pretty loud and it includes the headphone jack.


Display of this phone is where the name “Motorola Edge ” comes from. Its display goes all the way to the edges and then past the edges, like Huawei Mate 30 Pro. Edges of the phone light up when you have a notification, or a call coming in. It also lights up with alarms or when you plug the battery in. If you are not a fan of the edge display, this phone also allows you to turn off the display on the edges. The screen itself is a 6.7 inch OLED display, which is the largest screen Motorola has ever put in a phone.

The screen has a 90-hertz refresh rate (you can also run it at 60-hertz refresh rate to save the battery life), so everything works super smooth. There’s no bezel or notches on screen and has a single hole-punch camera in the top left corner. The fingerprint reader on screen works a little bit slow when compared to other flagships.


 The Motorola edge+ has a quad-camera system built to capture photos perfectly. The main camera on the Motorola Edge+ is a 108 MP sensor, which is the biggest and the best camera sensor you will find in a smartphone till date. It’s similar to the one the Samsung is using on its top line flagship, the Samsung S20 Ultra. There’s also an 8 MP (3X zoom) telephoto lens and 117 degrees ultra-wide 16 MP. The quality of this camera in daylight is excellent which captures a ton of details, with non- existent noise and the colours look great. However, In low light photography, the camera fails to impress much.

25 MP front camera clicks the picture which is more vibrant and bright, so selfies actually look impressively good. The double twist of the phone activates the camera.

Battery and Storage

The best thing about Motorola Edge+ is that, it is powered by a sizable 5000 mAp battery. Motorola says the battery should last up to two full days. The phone fast charges over USB-C with a wire (wireless too) at 18 watts. You can also wirelessly reverse charge devices like a smart watch or a pair of headphones too.

If you want to keep a lot of content and games on board, this phone homes 256 GB (with 6 GB RAM) of storage, which is a decent amount. But if you need more, this isn’t expandable.


Motorola Edge+ uses the Qualcomm’s best, fastest, newest processor “Snapdragon 865” chipset with an AI engine that can process 15 trillion operations per second. and it also has full 5G support. It supports both sub-6 gigahertz and millimetre wave 5G. Motorola says this should be one of the fastest mobile devices you’ll be able to buy.

Moto gametime give some extra control over the phone settings while gaming, such as blocking calls and notifications. The performance in games is great. Gametime also allows you to enable virtual triggers on the phone for in-game use.


When you compare it to the one plus 8 pro, the one plus 8 pro, has the higher resolution, higher screen refresh rate, about the same quality camera system, much faster charging, better fingerprint reader, cleaner software, and little curves around the screen. Maybe the only downside being a smaller battery which you can grab for Rs 54,999/$799. But if speed and power are your biggest concerns, the Motorola Edge + has got you covered.

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