10 things you did not know about Google

Today, we are uncovering some fascinating and amazing facts about the top search engine and technology company that over a billion people rely on every day. The company with the most visited website in the world. Obviously, we are discussing “Google”.

Here is the list of 10 things you probably didn’t know about Google.

Google plex

1. There was a point when founders of Google were not interested in running their own business and tried to sell the company with no success to Yahoo for just 1 million dollars but Yahoo declined to buy it. And now Google is worth about 3 thousand billion dollars ($300,000,000,000).

2. Google funds “Calico” – A secretive biotechnology company who is trying to fight and cheat death. The founders of Google described Calico as a company focused on “health, well-being, and longevity”.

google garage
Google’s first office (Credits : Google Earth)

3. Two co-founders of Google, Larry and Sergey started the company by renting a garage from a woman. This woman named, Susan Wojcicki ended up becoming the CEO of Youtube.

4. Google is attempting to minimize environmental impact. As of now, Google runs on a 100% renewable energy. Every bit of energy that is used in their offices and data centres come from renewable resources. Also, instead of using traditional machinery, Google rents 200 goats every week to mow their lawn, trim the lawn, eat the weeds and clear out some of the brush.

5. Google ignores the dot in Gmail addresses. If you send an email to “example.address@gmail.com” or “exampleaddress@gmail.com” it arrives at the same inbox.

6. Google is actually less old than Netflix. But Google have got one of the highest revenues of all the time. They make around two hundred thousand dollars per minute. Yes, you heard it right, it’s $200,000 a minute.

7. Employees of Google are served with the gourmet dishes from around the world and employees need not pay for it. The founders of the company have made it clear that no employee should be more than 200 feet away from a cafeteria. Isn’t this amazing!!!

8. Google makes it a mission to keep stress as low as possible. They have installed high tech energy pods which use NASA science to help people to achieve short but effective naps during the day.

Play ground slides inside Google Plex ( Credits: Pintrest.com)

Google makes use of the slides right from the playground, to get from the upper floors to lower floors. It is a weird touch for sure but it gives people little moments of stress relief.

When a Google employee dies, their partner/spouse gets half of their wage for the next 10 years. Children of a deceased employee receive $1,000 per month from Google until they reach the age of 19, or 23 if they are full-time students.


9. Google is named after the mathematical term Googol which is a massive number ( 1 with 100 zeros). It signifies the idea that Google intended to become the limitless bank of information. To check if that domain had been taken, they accidentally searched for Google instead of Googol and page decided that would be the name.


10. One of the company’s lifelong missions from very early on was to scan every book in existence. They were intending to turn papers into the everlasting online record. It was running well when they started. Literally, truck after truck of books would arrive at Google head office. They would scan them and return to the library. About 25 million books were scanned in. But then, the publishers and authors started placing the objections.

Google thought their scanning was harmless and considered fair use for the purpose of education. But the writers thought otherwise. Google never destroyed the records but they banned it. So somewhere in the walls of Google are 25 million books that no one is allowed to read.

These were the 10 interesting facts about Google, a playground slide being my favourite. We would love to hear which fact you found to be most amusing.

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