Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 Pro MAX

Samsung is here with its new Samsung Galaxy S20 Series on pre-order. They come in threes: Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 ultra. It has several features which make it different from all the other phones including the latest Apple’s iPhone.

As we have all seen iPhone 11 pro max has an impeccable camera but is left far behind by this beast from Samsung. Without beating around the bush let’s get into comparison.

Samsung S20 ultra features a 108MP sensor. It uses a technology called pixel binning, where it combines 9 pixels into one to be equivalent to 12MP shot on the S20 ultra will look sharper and better.

As far as the design does the camera hole on S20 has been placed on the centre making it look uniform and the lowered chin looks sleek. Of course, the camera bump on the both is huge, which is questionable.

iPhone 11 PRO MAX is bordered with stainless steel whereas Samsung S20 series has aluminium and gorilla glass 6 as same as that of 10 series but the decreased curvature might have an impact.

Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra is not as huge as iPhone 11 pro-MAX and handling on one hand is much easier. The price of both is similar to S20 ultra being a bit pricier. Irrespective of the various features that are being claimed it can only be fully corroborated when you start using the phone.

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