10 Crazy things you can buy on Amazon

Amazon never fails to surprise the online shopping freaks with its outrageous amount of choices. From 2 storehouse ( YES! you can order that on amazon) to haystack, you can get it all. There’s nothing you cant buy, but you can buy nothing as well. Doesn’t make sense? we’ll come to that later. We came across a few hilarious stuff you can buy on amazon. Click on the pictures to buy it from Amazon.

1. A Cat Butt tissue holder $18.95

The cat is so adorably cute, and the popping tissues are sure to make you love it even more. 😁

2. Nose shaped soap dispenser $7.98

That looks nasty with that green liquid soap. Confused and wondering who wants that in their toilets? I am totally for it than the chocolate that comes in a commode shaped bowl.

3. Toilet coffee mug $9.99

The coffee might taste good but definitely doesn’t look appealing. Speaking of which, In china, they have a whole restaurant that’s themed to look like a toilet. The chairs to the bowls and walls, everything looks so much like a toilet.

4. Makeup protection mask $ 19.05

yes, that’s a makeup protection mask. It doesn’t look very useful but it’s used to protect your makeup if you have to change clothes after having your makeup done.

5. Nothing $5.99

For a person who has everything, nothing is something you can get. It’s nothing, but it’s sure to make them laugh. 😄

6. Finger cover for cheesy food $18

They look like a cute dress for your fingertips. Do not want to use spoon and fork, neither want to dirty your fingers, Then this is for you. Not sure if it can keep the promise to keep your fingers clean though.

7. Chicken harness & leash $12.99

A person walking this chicken is definitely going to get some gazes, Let alone if that’s even possible as they swing and run.

8. Dog wig $10.11

A wig for your dog that will match with you? That’s going to be a distinct level of twinning with your pet.

9. Hairy Belly shaped bag $9.58

Can a bag get weirder? It will be amusing to learn the response you receive walking with those on.

10. Corgi Butt shoulder bag $8.99

Enduring the cuteness the bag holds is enough to make you go crazy about it. This butt-shaped bag is silky and smooth to touch nonetheless furry. 😉

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